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BiofloreArômes de sérénité - organic

Bioflore Arômes de sérénité - organic
30 ml

Arômes de sérénité from Bioflore is an anti-stress synergy of essential oils with exceptionally mild, balanced and centered aromas, which has already been appreciated for many years. Neurotonic and harmonizing, it helps to refocus in all cases of stress, nervous weakness, inner agitation.
This synergy can be used to live a stress-free day and/or to promote a natural and restful night's rest. Its cutaneous use is recommended but it can also (best additionally) be used in any atmospheric diffusion system.
If a natural alternation between phases of energy expenditure and energy recovery phases is sought, Arômes de sérénité will rather be used in the evening, alternating with the use during the day of the synergy Arômes de Vitalité.

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essential oils of lavender*(Lavandula angustifolia), Petitgrain*(Citrus aurantium), red mandarin*(Citrus reticulata), marjoram*(Origanum majorana), Roman chamomile*(Anthemis Nobilis), clary sage*(Salvia sclarea), ylang-ylang*(Cananga odorata), Atlas cedar*(Cedrus atlantica)
* ingredients from certified organic agriculture

Recommendations for use

  • Day without stress: rub on average 3 times a day, 7 drops (preferably in little bit vegetable oil) alternately on the solar plexus, the spine, the feetsoles. Simple anointings may already be enough: put 3 to 4 drops on the wrists, rub them then one against the other before wearing them under your nose and breathing deeply.
  • In alternation with Arômes de Vitalité: act as above but only at the beginning of the evening and before going to bed.
  • As massage: it is the ideal base to create a de-stressing massage oil
  • In the bath: add 10 to 15 drops previously diluted in a dispersant
  • In the shower: add 1 to 2 drops in a dose of neutral shower gel
  • In diffusion: adapts to any atmospheric diffusion system
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