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KhadiShikakai powder

Khadi Shikakai powder
 150 g - £5.91
 Best before ≥ 06/30/2020

Shikakai powder conditions hair, strengthens hair roots and prevents breakage and split ends. Shikakai has been used in India for centuries as hair wash and hair conditioner. It cleans hair, prevents itchy scalp, and deep conditions leaving hair soft and manageable. Shikakai does not strip hair of its natural pH value leaving hair soft and clean at the same time.
Regular use of Shikakai prevents split ends and breakage during combing leading to long, luxuriant hair. Shikakai has saponin which generates lather in contact with water.

Caution when using on blond or bleached hair, test it best first on a hairlock and do not leave for more than 10 minutes (risk of discolouring).

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Latin name: Acacia Concinna


Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)


  • washes and cares hair and scalp
  • has a curative and preventive effect against scalp irritations and dandruff
  • regenerates hair lengths and ends like a hair treatmen
  • gives the hair volume, shine and density

Recommendations for use

  • Mix with hot water to make a medium-thick paste of Shikakai. When cool, apply all over scalp and damp hair, massage to form a slight lather, keep on for 15 minutes and rinse off with plain water.
  • Mix Shikakai, Cassia and fresh lemon juice for ultra conditioning and to make hair soft and glossy. Leave on wet hair for 15 minutes and rinse with plain water.
  • Or make a decoction of Shikakai by boiling a few large tablespoons in a litre of water till water reduces to half. Strain out the Shikakai using a sieve or piece of cloth, use the decoction all over scalp and entire length of hair, massage, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off.
  • A paste of Amla, Reetha and Shikakai can be applied all over hair and scalp, massage to make lather, leave on for a few minutes, rinse off. This works as a natural hair wash and hair conditioner at the same time. Reetha cleans, Amla gives gloss and shine and Shikakai conditions making hair soft and manageable.
  • Or you can boil all three in equal amounts and use the decoction as pure herbal shampoo. Use a glass container to boil.

Precautions for use

Take care that Shikakai does not enter the eyes, otherwise rinse off immediately.

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