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Martina Gebhardt, Demeter cosmetics

Natural cosmetics in bio-dynamic quality. More than 30 years experience. Proven synergetic cosmetic compositions, aiming to support the functions of the skin.
Martina Gebhardt uses the freshest herbs and oils to manufacture her high-quality cosmetic skin care products. Most of her raw materials are from certified organic or biodynamic contract growers an all her cosmetics are Demeter certified which stands for the holistic, dynamic, rhythmic approach, the strictest quality criteria and the highest quality it ever was for natural cosmetics.
Wool wax is used in the creams as an emulsifier and for its skinfreindly properties. It is produced by a washing and centrifuging process that results in a practically pesticide-free substance.
Synthetic ingredients are not allowed.
To preserve the high quality of the oils as long as possible also during storage only milkglass bottles are used for packaging.

NOT LISTED PRODUCTS. Unlisted Martina Gebhardt products can be obtained in 2 to 4 weeks after order. Please contact us to have them available to order.

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PictureProduct nameContentPrice (Incl. VAT)Buy nowWeight (kg)
Aloe Vera Cream - DemeterAloe Vera Cream - Demeter
for easily irritated and problematic skin, and as after-sun
50 ml£17.22
0.16 kg
Calendula Cream - DemeterCalendula Cream - Demeter
marigold care for delicate and sensitive skin, oothing and nurturing
50 ml£8.10
0.16 kg
Eye care cream - DemeterEye care cream - Demeter
eye contour day balm
15 ml£8.30
0.08 kg
Ginseng Cream - DemeterGinseng Cream - Demeter
for demanding and mature skin
50 ml£13.21
0.16 kg
Hand and Nail hand cream - DemeterHand and Nail hand cream - Demeter
chamomile cream, also for problematic skin patches
100 ml£8.60
0.25 kg
Happy aging face lotion - DemeterHappy aging face lotion - Demeter
fluid cream for mature skin
100 ml£18.29
0.25 kg
Lip Balm - DemeterLip Balm - Demeter
with cocoabutter and sheabutter, against cold and dryness
15 ml£5.23
0.08 kg
Propolis CreamPropolis Cream
allround cream for the whole family
50 ml£10.53
0.16 kg
Rose Cream - DemeterRose Cream - Demeter
dry and sensitive skin
50 ml£12.32
0.16 kg
Rose Tonic - DemeterRose Tonic - Demeter
facial toner for dry, sensitive, allergy-prone skin
100 ml£8.30
0.24 kg
Salvia Tonic - DemeterSalvia Tonic - Demeter
facial sage toner for oily and impure skin
100 ml£6.63
0.24 kg
Sheabutter Body Lotion - DemeterSheabutter Body Lotion - Demeter
fluid cream fluid cream for hypersensitive, irritation-, allergyprone skin
150 ml£11.89Sheabutter Body Lotion - Demeter momentarily unavailable. Contact Santi-shop for more details.0.32 kg
Sheabutter Cleanser - DemeterSheabutter Cleanser - Demeter
for hypersensitive, irritation-, allergyprone skinsensitive and irritation-prone skin
150 ml£9.26Sheabutter Cleanser - Demeter momentarily unavailable. Contact Santi-shop for more details.0.32 kg
Sheabutter Cream - DemeterSheabutter Cream - Demeter
for hypersensitive, irritation-, allergyprone skin
50 ml£10.26
0.16 kg
Wild Utah Cream - DemeterWild Utah Cream - Demeter
men's care, also for particularly sensitive skin with allergic tendencies
50 ml£8.91
0.16 kg
Winter Balm - DemeterWinter Balm - Demeter
protection and care for harsh weather conditions
15 ml£5.93
0.08 kg
Products 1 to 16 (of 16 products) Page 1 out of 1
Aloe Vera Cream - Demeter
50 ml
Calendula Cream - Demeter
50 ml
Eye care cream - Demeter
15 ml
Ginseng Cream - Demeter
50 ml
Hand and Nail hand cream - Demeter
100 ml
Happy aging face lotion - Demeter
100 ml
Lip Balm - Demeter
15 ml
Propolis Cream
50 ml
Rose Cream - Demeter
50 ml
Rose Tonic - Demeter
100 ml
Salvia Tonic - Demeter
100 ml
Sheabutter Cream - Demeter
50 ml
Wild Utah Cream - Demeter
50 ml
Winter Balm - Demeter
15 ml