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Propos'Nature organic aromatherapy

Propos'Nature located at the doors of the Lubéron promotes small producers, artisans and fair trade and its experts in natural health pay particular attention to the selection of the products. The company offers essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrosols that are certified organic, 100% pure and natural, without any chemical treatment, a range of propolis products formulated with organic Green Propolis of Brazil, rigorously selected for its high quality and its effectiveness and organic cosmetics developed in its laboratory in Provence with quality raw materials directly purchased from producers and artisans.
Based on the best that nature offers us, a natural health and well-being approach for everyone.

Products 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Page 1 out of 1
Products 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Page 1 out of 1
Avocado oil - organic
100 ml
Cornflower hydrosol
100 ml
Java Citronella essential oil - organic
10 ml
Mandarin (red) essential oil - organic
10 ml
Neem oil - organic
100 ml
Patchouli essential oil - organic
10 ml
Rose hydrosol - organic
100 ml